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History Books

History of Old Tishomingo County; Mississippi Territory
This limited edition book contains the history of the formation of Tishomingo County. It is abundantly filled with surnames; marriages; County administration; County officers; elections; murders; etc. Originally published 1969 by Fan Alexander Cochran; re-published 2009. Hardback. 325 pages.
$35 plus $5 shipping

John Marshall Stone: Mississippi’s Honorable and Longest Serving Governor
This book chronicles Governor’s Stone early life to his death. John M. Stone served as railroad agent; head mason; Civil War colonel; mayor; governor; and faithful friend; and his life inspired many people. 624 pages.
$29.95 plus $5 shipping

History of Old Tishomingo County; 1832-1940
Compiled by S. M. Nabors. 101 pages. (1940)
$10 plus $5 shipping

Military History Books

Battle of Iuka; Mississippi—150th Souvenir History
Explore the history of the Battle of Iuka; one of the bloodiest battles in Civil War history.
$10 plus $5 shipping

Service in Two Armies: The Diaries of General Henry Little
Biographical information on General Henry Little obtained from never published diaries passed down through descendants. 104 pages. (2012)
$6.50 plus $5 shipping

Gunboats & Cavalry: A History of Eastport; Mississippi; with Special Emphasis on Events of the War Between the States
Book on the history of Eastport; Mississippi; and its role in the Civil War. Full of history and genealogical information. 263 pages.
$17 plus $5 shipping

Rosecrans Meets Price: The Battle of Iuka; Mississippi
Story of the savage yet brief and indecisive battle that occurred in Iuka on September 19; 1862; and the events leading up to it. 303 pages.
$12.95 plus $5 shipping

Civil War Pension Applications of Tishomingo County
(A-G Surnames). Available on CD.
$10 plus $5 shipping

Pictorial Civil War Reenactments on CD
Battle of Iuka Reenactment, 2012.
$12 plus $5 shipping

Pictorial Civil War Reenactments on CD
Battle of Iuka and Farmington Reenactments, 2015.
$15 plus $5 shipping


1862-2012: Battle of Iuka 150th Anniversary Print. 11X14.
$25 plus $5 shipping

Society Journals on CD

Chronicles & Epitaphs (C&Es) – 4 issues per volume
Back issues of Chronicles & Epitaphs from the Old Tishomingo County Courthouse contain the county’s history; including the work of the Tishomingo County Historical & Genealogical Society. Each volume contains 4 issues per year. Available on CD are 8 issues (4 issues per year). $15 plus $5 shipping

Volumes 1-2; 1996-1997 Volumes 11-12; 2006-2007
Volumes 3-4; 1998-2000 Volumes 13-14; 2008-2009
Volumes 5-6; 2000-2001 Volumes 15-16; 2010-2011
Volumes 7-8; 2002-2003 Volumes 17-18; 2012-2013
Volumes 9-10; 2004-2005 Volumes 19-20; 2014-2015

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Chronicles & Epitaphs (C&Es) – Individual issues
Individual issues are available for purchase for $5 each. See table of contents of each issue below.

Volume 1: Message from the Founding President; How Tishomingo County Got Its Name; How Tishomingo was Created; First Families Participating in the First Year of Establishing the County; Old Tishomingo County Civil War Veterans (Adair–Allen); The “Immigration” Story; Queries; 1926 Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Photo with Identifications; Old Tishomingo County Civil War Veterans (Allen–Atwood); P. W. Hubbard Counts 133 Living Descendants; Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi; List of Educable Children; Dr. A. H. Montgomery Story with Photo of House and Office; Reconstructing Your Ancestor’s Neighborhood; Land Trust Deeds, Book A–1854; Schedule of Contracts with Teachers, Term 1923–1924; Burnsville School Photo ca. 1946; The Battle of Iuka—the Union Point of View; Old Tishomingo County Civil War Veterans (Austin–Barrett); Occupations of the Past; Old Tishomingo County Marriage Bonds, 1851-1855; Land Records: Where They Came From—How We Got Them; The Sharps of Sharps’ Bottom; Instructions for Cleaning and Repairing Tombstones; John Marshall Stone; 1866–1870 Colored Marriage Index, Book 7 of Marriage Bonds; Tishomingo Riflemen Co. A 2nd Mississippi Regiment; Civil War Pension Applications; Tishomingo County Tax Rolls 1888. $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 2: Mineral Springs Hotel; African-American History in Tishomingo County; Creation of Tishomingo County; Resources Available in the Basement of the Alcorn County Courthouse in Corinth; African American History in Tishomingo County; Creation of Tishomingo County; Gettysburg Revisited: A True Story of Love, War, Friendship and Humanity; The Gale—Abstracts from1888; Tishomingo County Tax Rolls, 1888; Marriages of Old Tishomingo County, 1837-1838; Iuka Rifles—Company K 2nd Mississippi Regiment; Headquarters Recruiting and Inducting Station; New Salem Baptist Church Cemetery Records; Tishomingo County Postal History; Owens Station School; Unknown Soldier’s Grave; Spraberry / Carr / Sprayberry; Bostick Family Record; 43rd Regiment Mississippi Infantry Volunteers, CSA; Old Tishomingo County Marriage Bonds, 1850–1853; Abandoned Cemetery Report; Old Tishomingo. $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 3: Alcorn County License Roll Book; Old Tishomingo County Marriage Bonds, 1850–1853; Physicians of Old Tishomingo County; Paleography Sample; Old Tishomingo Schools; 1856–1859; Teacher’s Warrants, 1908–1910; Obituaries: Mrs. H. J. Moore, Mrs. W. T. Ross, Miss Kate Dean, Mrs. Laura Copeland, Mrs. Henry Moore, William B. Price, Mrs. Alice Howard; Funeral Notice of O. G. Lair; Circuit Court Letter Book No. 2, 1842-1844; Tishomingo County Slave Owners, 1860; Indian Legends; Changed His Allegiance; Declaration of Intention; Circuit Court Letter Book No. 2, 1842-1844; Teacher’s Warrants, 1908–1910; Poll Book, Coles Mill Precinct, 1904-1915; Vignettes by Ben McRae; Items Listed on the U.S. Population 1870 Census; Abbreviations Used in Census Records; W.P.A. Tishomingo County Historical Research Project No 2231, Subject: Negroes; Dunwood Diary; Old Tishomingo County Schools, 1856-1859 $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 4: Heads of Household Occupations from Censuses, 1860-1880; Indian Legends; Old Tishomingo County School Records Index; 1856–1859; Yankee Charley Grave Address; Circuit Court Letter Book No. 2, 1842-1844; Poll Book, Coles Mill Precinct, 1904-1915; Top Ten Names for Boys, 1900–1996; Top Ten Names for Girls, 1900–1996; Tishomingo County Slave Owners, 1860; Chronology of Mississippi Territory Native Dominion; Tishomingo County Agricultural High School, Enrollment for 1929–1930; Corinth–Tishomingo County Business Owners, 1866; Roster of Enlisted Men in Company K, Iuka Rifles, 1861–1865; Old Tishomingo County School Records Index, 1856–1859; Circuit Court Letter Book No. 2, 1842-1844; Civil War Applications; Minutes of the 48th Session of the North Mississippi Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, held at Oxford, November 21-26-1917; Family Highlight: Charles Oscar Rutledge; Badger Bulletin, June 14, 1862; Theaters in Tishomingo County; White’s Café; 1850 Occupations from Census Records; Tishomingo County School Records Index; 1856–1859; Family Highlight: Henry Isaac Wilson; W.P.A. Tishomingo County Historical Research Project No 2231, Subject: Negroes; Circuit Court Letter Book No. 2, 1842-1844; Letter from Officer Chief Depot, Quartermaster in the Field at Eastport to Col. A J. Mackay, Chief Quartermaster Army Commissary, February 2, 1865 $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 5: Some Old Tishomingo County Schools, 1856-1858; Family Highlight: Mose Duncan Mitchell; Family Highlight: Oannie Mae Trice Dilworth; Teacher’s Warrants, 1908–1910; Gellette Family; Family History Uncovered in Military Records; Family Highlights: George William Higginbottom and Gist/Clack; Bills for Divorce for Old Tishomingo County, Circuit Court Docket Book 3, 1845–1849; Timeline for Corinth, 1832-1899; Descendants of Samuel Barnes; 1998 Tishomingo County Obituaries $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 6: Surname Research—Wright, West, Bennett, Watts, Holley; Cutshall Funeral Home Records, January 1929 through December 1933; Cook Family; Family Highlight: Oscar Erwin Watson; Obit: Toby Wing—M. G. M. Dancer Appeared in 38 Films; List of Depositors of Tishomingo Banking Company in Vidette, February 1, 1912; Burnsville & Vicinity (Vidette, April 8; 1909); Royalty Visits Iuka (Vidette, January 4; 1940); Marriage Notices in Tishomingo County: Transcribed from Iuka Newspapers, 2001; Chart for Determining Approximate Birthdates, 1790–1840 Census; Old Tishomingo County Confederate Soldier Graves; Obituaries; Cleaning Headstone Inscriptions; WPA Tishomingo County Assignment No. 15: Old Homes in the County; Hill Family; A Road of Tragedies (Vidette, June 24, 1909); Third Legal Execution—James McKeever Killed by Wm. H. Buse near Booneville; Names of Following Additional Families Appear on the Records of the County for the Year 1838 $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 7: Certificate of Eligibility for Confederate Cross of Honor to the United Daughters of Confederacy from Camp #425, United Confederate Veterans; 1890 Mississippi Census; Old Tishomingo County Confederate Soldier Graves; Midnight Meeting and Battle in Good Springs Glen, May 1862; Applications for Civil War Pensions in Tishomingo County; From the Iuka Reporter, February 5, 1891; Bits of Parsons Family History; Old Tishomingo County Confederate Soldier Graves; Casualties of 3rd Louisiana Infantry, Hébert’s Brigade, Pierce’s Army, Battle of Iuka, September 19, 1862; From the Vidette, September 27, 1894; Bet on the Election: Four Citizens of the County Thereby Come To Grief; Killing at Rienzi: Murdered While Watching Boys Play at Marbles; Improvement in Cotton Ties—the First Iron Cotton Ties to be Used in the County, 1860; Jumped her Job—Thomas Parish Tells his Troubles in Verse; Murdered at Jacinto: Hardwick Goes to the Penitentiary for Seven Years; First Case of Assault—the Perpetrator Succeeded in Making his Escape; First Sale of Slaves, State of Mississippi, Tishomingo, Mississippi; Lambert School; 1887 Jurors Fee Book Index of Names; Burnsville Fire of 1926; Cotton Springs School; Colored First Baptist Church of Belmont; Last Will and Testament of Columbus Alexander Hill; Brought Low But Yet They Speak—Excerpt from Eyes Opened: the Rediscovery and Return of the Chickasaws; W.P.A. Tishomingo County Historical Research Project No. 2231, Subject: Slave Laws; History of the National Cemetery at Memphis, Tennessee; Dedicated to Prof. and Mrs. S. F. Howard, the Iuka Spotlight, Iuka High School, February 3, 1941; Mrs. Florence Penn Howard; Landmark Being Razed, November 19, 1936; Letter to the Editor from W. W. Finley; Recalls Railroading of 1872, Commercial Appeal, August 2, 1936; Sprouse Motor Company; Ben Johnson and E. W. Narrimore Land Transaction, Book Q, 1853-1854; Ben Johnson and E. W. Narrimore Land Transaction, Book R, 1854-1855; E. W. Carmack et. ux.—B. N. Kingon Land Transaction, Book Q, 1853/5-1854; 1889 Deed for Fairview School; First Trip to Hillsboro, Tex., as Told by Earl Harvey, Jr.; Old Tishomingo Traces by June Bullard; Ten Days in a Union Cavalry Man’s Life—from Fletcher Pomeroy’s Civil War Diary, 7thKansas Cavalry, 1863; Civil War Burials in the Memphis National Cemetery; Burnsville Baptist Church; From the Iuka Reporter, February 5, 1891; Land Deed—Ezekiel Roten and Rupele Vawter; Tishomingo County Circuit Court, 2nd Term; Tishomingo County Officers, 1838-1839; Judge Adams Secured a Vacation; Election Returns—Official Vote of County, 1858; Certificates Required—an Effort Made to Improve the County Schools, 1858; Poll Tax Record, Tishomingo Precinct, 1909-1919; Deed to Deacons of Baptist Church, Tishomingo County Deed Book W, 1861; Log Rolling in Tishomingo County (page 1); W. G. Bishop Trust Deed to John A. Browning, 1888; Pedigree Chart: Robert Washington Glenn; Old Tishomingo County Confederate Soldiers Graves $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 8: Histories Often Linked—Corinth and Iuka; Bostick, Smith, Wood and Other Families; Letter to the Readers of the Vidette, April 22, 1909, from the Far West (Jones County, Texas); Letter from Tuxedo, Texas, May 2, 1909; David Ellison Bonds, Lea County, New Mexico; Tishomingo County District Attorney’s Docket, 1892-1897; Bills for Divorce for Old Tishomingo County, Circuit Court Docket Book 3, 1845-1849; Hezikiah Mitchell: Tishomingo County’s First Elected Probate Judge; Highlight: Luther Ray Neal; Old Tishomingo County Appraisements, 1861-1870; Tishomingo County Poll Tax Record, Tishomingo Precinct, 1909-1919; Log Rolling in Tishomingo County (page 2-3 of 5); Brumley Pedigree Chart; Pension Application: Nancy E. Milford, Widow of George M. Milford; Old Tishomingo County Confederate Soldiers Graves (continued); Tishomingo’s First Fair; J. N. Bingham Deed to Trustees of Sharp School; Old Graveyards and Stones Faded With Time; Early Dennis Depot; Belmont Depot; Dr. M. M. “Mid” Davis: First Belmont Postmaster; Letter to the Governor of the State of Mississippi Re Pardon, 1859; Old United Methodist Church History; Old Old Bethel Cemetery Survey; Hezikiah Mitchell: Tishomingo County’s First Elected Probate Judge (continued); Tishomingo County District Attorney’s Docket; 1892–1897 (continued); Log Rolling in Tishomingo County, 1938 (page 4 of 5); Paden Pedigree Chart; Descendants of William Clark Glenn; Old Tishomingo County Confederate Soldiers Graves (continued); Will of David Pace; 1848; Civil War Burials in the Memphis National Cemetery (continued); Tax Roll of Rutledge Precinct, 1915; Hill–Stone Trust Deed, 1898; Ways South, 1830; Industrial Data: Towns, Farm Homes, 1934; Taps Is Sounded for Veteran of Lost Cause: A. M. Street; Letter to the Membership of the M. E. Church South of Iuka, 1906; Mackdonel Adams’ Obituary; Confederate Pension Application: Thomas L. Nixon; Tishomingo County District Attorney’s Docket, 1892–1897 (completed); Pedigree Chart of Tim Cook; Civil War Burials in the Memphis National Cemetery (continued); Deed: Hill—Candler—Hyatt—Moore; Women of Achievement Born in 19th Century Mississippi—Pioneering the Future; Tishomingo County Famous and Notables $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 9: Chief Tishomingo; Presbyterian Church History in Old Tishomingo County; Bethany Presbyterian Church; The Burnsville News Badger, 1894; Recalls Railroading of 1872; Chickasaw Tribal Customs; Golden Road Proposal, 1917; Poor House Committee Report, 1912; Pace Pension Application; Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway—the Divide Cut; Northeast Mississippi Historical Bulletin; Mysterious and Strange Persecution, 1912; Ghost of Chief Iuka, 1909; Falling of Stars, 1910; Fish Fall from the Sky, 1929; Wholesale Rat Killing, 1927; Pinkston Property; Chief Iuka—Mineral Springs Legend; Ribbon Cutting Officially Opens Museum; How to Prove American Indian Ancestry; Five Steps to Native American Genealogy; Old Superstitions and Cures; Vidette Varieties; Tishomingo WSCS to Have Bazaar; Man’s Leg Broken in Traffic Accident; Meeting of Teachers Assn Is Announced; Special Service on Iuka Circuit Sunday; Tower Chimes to be Paid for by Donations; Final Rites Held for Mr. Goss; Mr. Enlow Dies at Age of 62; Retired Railroad Man Dies; Iuka Takes Two from Biggersville; 4-H Club Member of the Week—Edde Edwards; Mr. Adams to be Guest Speaker at 4-H Party $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 10: Tishomingo County and Its History; Modern Woodmen of America; Trial Reenactment; Important Dates in African American History, 1600-1984; W.P.A. Tishomingo County Historical Research Project 2231, Subject: Negroes; Negroes and Education in Tishomingo County; Burnsville Colored School; Iuka Black Homecoming, July 12-14, 1996; African-American Biographies; More Old Superstitions and Cures; How to Determine a Correct Birth Date; Fifty-seventh Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi, A. F. & A. M., February 1875—Fraternal Dead, 1874; W.P.A. Tishomingo County Historical Research Assignment No. 21, Subjects: Earthquake, 1869, and Leatherwood Hotel Fire, 1899; Help Identify Unknown Scruggs in Photo; 1856 Notice to Taxpayers of Tishomingo County; Newly Christened John Marshall Stone Research Center; John Marshall Stone; 1st Annual Wedding Reunion; Death of Widow Recalls Vivid Career of Mississippi Leader; News Items: (1) Memphis, Charleston Road, (2) Released from Prison, (3) Established A. & M.; Historical Tidbits; The Cotton Field (poem) by Betty Sue Sherron; Letter to Gov. John M. Stone from J. J. Coman; Old Home Remedies; Letter by Mrs. W. W. (Emma) Anthony, 1922; Last Will and Testament of J. C. Morris; Proof of Will of J. C. Morris; No. 628 W. T. Bennett, Receiver, vs. Mineral Springs Hotel Company, et al., 1912; Chancery Court—Will Payne’s Minority Removed, 1906; Ledger from Mrs. Anna Weathers’ Store, Leedy, Mississippi; Odd Fellows’ Dog; Sixtieth Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi, A. F. & A. M., February 1878—Fraternal Dead, 1877; Lesson in Photographs; The Civil War: An Introduction; Cause of the South’s Failure; Timeline of the Civil War; Losses in . . . Both Armies; Mississippi’s Confederate Congress; Author of Dixie; Badger Bulletin, June 1862; Sword of the Late John Marshall Stone; Loss of the Flag; “Rebel” Camel Left Footprints in Area; Last Confederate Vet in Tishomingo County Dies; “The Southern Side,” from The Gale; Civil War Battlefield Summaries; Tishomingo County Civil War Units; Regimented Officers of the Confederate Army; “Battle of Iuka,” from Confederate Veteran; Names of the Confederate Dead at Iuka, Miss.; Battle of Iuka; Gallant Civil War Soldiers Fell at Iuka; 1862 Letter from Union Soldier, L. W. Wolcott; Song of the Mississippi Volunteers; The Civil War: Glossary; Letter from M. J. Lewis to his Wife; Letters Written by S. Gossen to his Father, June 1861; “Foot Calvary Chronicle,” Illustrated News, October 18; 1862; Highlights of Recent Museum Educational Programs; The First Thanksgiving Proclamation, June 20, 1676; A Thanksgiving Proclamation; Veterans from Tishomingo County; Letter to Mrs. Leona Thorne, Iuka, Miss.; Sixty-third Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi, A. F. & A. M., February 1881—Fraternal Dead, 1880; Iuka Businesses Besieged by Night Burglaries in 1976; Author of Dixie—Ohio’s Dan Emmett Wrote It as a Minstrel Song $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 11: Mineral Springs Hotel; Iuka’s Mineral Springs Park; Legend of Bay Springs—Lover’s Leap; Love Troubles in Verse; They Loved Not Wisely; “Fire Destroys Mineral Springs Hotel, Vidette, March 11, 1944; Corinth Soda Water: Bottling Works Move to Corinth from Iuka; Poem—That Little Paden Town; Rev. J. Skinner Dead; Corinth Business Owners in 1866; List of Businesses from Iuka Gazette, 1868; Congressional Convention Ball Invitation, Corinth, 1875; Sixty-fourth Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi, A. F. & A. M., February 1882—Fraternal Dead, 1881; Unique Mississippi Home Remedies; Tishomingo State Park and CCC History; Civilian Conservation Corps—Company 3497; Martin Retirement Stirs Memories of Historic Railroad Agency; Milestone in Rail Travel Reached One Century Ago; Southern Railway System Letter to Mrs. McDonald, May 2; 1955; Dennis in Earlier Days; Belmont and the Railroad; 1902 Southern Railway Train Schedule; Business Directory, 1868; Iuka Merchants, 1869; Iuka Lodge, 1868-1869; TCAHM Hires Project Manager, Jan Anglin; World War II Veterans Buried In Belgium; Words and Phrases of Railroad Origin; Civilian Conservation Corps—Company 3497 (continued); Railroad Trivia; Nicknames for Various Railroad Jobs; Medical Association—Physicians of County Effect an Organization; Dr. Noonan Cayce Waldrep; Public Notice to Midwives, August 1923; Physicians in Old Tishomingo County ca. 1869; Special Service Honoring Belmont Doctor—Dr. Cromeans; Tishomingo County Doctors’ Bureau, Belmont; Miss.; Dr. M. A. Simmons—An Advertising Magnate; Another List of Doctors; Letter Submitted to Iuka Mirror from Dr. Simmons; Dr. A. F. Whitehurst; Dr. Harry Homer Goyer; Dr. T. P. Haney; Dr. Thomas Grimke Paden; Dr. Benjamin Franklin Liddon; Dr. James Marcus Taylor; Diary of Kate, Confederate Nurse; Drs. Ben Hodges, Telfair, and Simmons; Dr. William Thomas Lindsey, Jr.; Cosby Clinic; Dr. and Mrs. Montgomery Photo; Advertisements in the Vidette, August 1923; Iuka Springs Hotel & Sanitorium Co.; Local and Personal Column of Vidette; 1860s Confederate Medicine; Health Department’s Tabulation of Activities, Jan. 1943; Old Remedies May Still Be Good Advice; Ghost Towns; Recipe for Washing Clothes; Destroy Old Prescriptions, 1943; Seventy-first Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi, A. F. & A. M., 1889—Fraternal Dead, 1888; Belmont Personals; Carried to Cosby Clinic; Dr. Kelly Scott Segars, Sr.; Dr. Henry James Brown; Medical Center for Iuka, 1949; Schools of Old Tishomingo County; Tishomingo County Education at Jacinto; Booker School House; Eastport, 1858; John A. Wheelock School, Box Spring, 1856-1857; Hopewell School and Carter’s Branch School; History of Cripple Deer School; Correction to Dr. Pugh Houston; Cripple Deer School about 1942; Cotton Springs School; Central Consolidated School, 1927-1960; Lambert School, Burnsville; Belmont High School; Iuka Normal Institute, Calendar for 1900-1901; Tishomingo County School System; Burnsville Black School; Valley School, Hartford Musical Institute, 1926; News of Our Men and Women in Uniform; From a Soldier—Talmadge K. Arnold; Preservation Measures Underway at Midway School in Iuka; Educable School Children in 1894—A-C Surnames $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 12: Telephone Companies in Tishomingo County; Belmont Will Have Lights; Belmont Now Has Lights; History of the Tishomingo County Electric Power Association; County Man Declared Cotton-Growing Champion; Iuka City Delivery Service to Go in Effect Saturday, July 11; Sheriff Pace Breaks Tire Theft Ring; Photo—Unknown Store in County; Betty’s Beauty Bar; Belmont Barber Parlor; Belmont Produce Company; Iuka Refrigeration Shop; Tishomingo Businesses Supporting TCAHS Catalogs, 1912-1930; Mr. Pruitt’s Broom Factory; Southern Claims Commission: A Little Known Source of Genealogical Information; Tishomingo Businesses; Anonymous Phone Calls; Telephone Service Extended; Letter from Henri-Chappelle American Cemetery, Belgium; Tishomingo County—Recipient of Two 2006 Community Heritage Grant Awards; Educable School Children in Tishomingo County, 1894 (D-J Surnames); Chief Tishomingo—Chickasaw Warrior and Chieftain; Chief Iuka; Chief Tishomingo; Chief Tishomingo’s Obituary Dated May 6, 1841; Chickasaw Tribal Customs; Chickasaw Land Deeds; Midway School Open House; Postcard to Corine Bell from Talmage Finch Dated April 14, 1937; Iuka’s 150-Year History Project; Educable School Children in Tishomingo County, 1894 (K-P) Surnames; In Memory of Sgt. Jason W. Vaughn; Old Bay Springs; Canning for the Tishomingo County Fair; History of Oldham Baptist Church in Iuka; Country Funeral; Obituary of James H. Doan; James Headley Doan Home of Iuka; Battle of Iuka—On America’s Most Endangered Civil War Battlefield List; Educable School Children in Tishomingo County, 1894 (R-Z Surnames); Iuka Celebrates 150 Years; Holcut Celebrates 100 Years; Burnsville Fire of 1936; Holcut News, December 7, 1933; Route 6 News: July 28, 1929, and August 26, 1929; W. W. Finley Letter to the Editor, 1890; Bear Creek Fish Weir #2 Now in National Register of Historic Places; 10 Things You May Not Know About Women’s Maiden Names; Think of a Marriage Bond as an Intention to Get Married; How Are We Related? Naming Patterns for Families; Holcut Reminiscences; Burnsville News, December 13, 1894; Tenn-Tom Waterway: the Divide Cut; George W. and Melvia M. Lovelace Family; Index of General Store Day Book Owned and Operated by J. Paul Ford in Burnsville $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 13: African-American History Month; African-American Research Workshop; $20 Reward—The Union (Jacinto; Miss.), March 1851; Slave Laws; Belmont’s Colored First Baptist Church; Blind Tom—Negro Fortune Teller; Photo—Burnsville’s Colored School; Hopewell School; Photo—Carter’s Branch (African-American) School; 1936 African-American Occupations and Organizations; African-American Research at the John Marshall Stone Research Library; New Officers & Board Members, 2008; New Leadership in 2008 for County’s Archives & History Museum; Restoration of Historic Courthouse Begins; Yellow Fever Remedy; Randall Thurman—Obituary and Funeral Notice; John D. James’ Funeral Notice; Midway News, February 1944; Circuit Court Proceedings, January Term, 1927; Martin Sprouse Bible (27 Mar 1828 to 1 Jan 1914); Marriages from the Martin Sprouse Bible; Clement Cemetery; Natchez Trace—Jourdan Hill Cemeteries; Honors Bestowed on Historic Courthouse Museum; Historical Courthouse’s Renovations; Where Was Bulford Murdered—Tishomingo County’s First Hanging, 1845; Cleaning Tombstones Is Fun; Found No Trace of Two Bandits; Man Confesses Part in Robbery; Two Prominent Iuka Citizens Meet Sudden Deaths; A Landmark Being Razed; Notice of Business Change; Browsing Old Cemeteries; Fish Fall From the Sky; 1907 Statistics; Cutshall Funeral Home Death Records, 1929-1938; Shug Marlar’s Story; What Is a First Cousin, Twice Removed; Photo—1919-1920 TCAHS Student Council; 1912 Death Records; 1913 Death Records; 1914 Death Records; 1915 Death Records; 1845 Territorial and State Census for County; Senator Cecil Lamar Sumners; Photo—Golden, Mississippi; 1940 TCEPA Bill to S. L. Sumners; Dr. O. A. Kennedy’s Graduation From Memphis Hospital Medical College, 1894; Cecil Sumners’ 6th Grade Report Card, 1931; Photos—Cecil L. Sumners; Did You Know; Letter Published in Local Newspapers to Tishomingo County Citizens by Cecil Sumners; Dousing to Find Unmarked Graves $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 15: Gunboats and Calvary: A History of Eastport, Miss. Chapter 8: Riverboat Town; Gunboats and Calvary: A History of Eastport, Miss. Chapter 9: “I Remember Eastport”; Biographical Sketch of a Civil War Soldier: Martin Cook; Biographical Sketch of a Civil War Soldier: Joseph W. Browning; Some Eastport History; Biographical Sketch of a Civil War Soldier: William Adair Paden; Biographical Sketch of a Civil War Soldier: Joseph Thomas Barnett; Biographical Sketch of a Civil War Soldier: Richard Henry Lee Barnett; Biographical Sketch of a Civil War Soldier: Robert James Barnett; Rosecrans Meets Price; “Old Abe” Comes to Iuka; Old Douglas—“Rebel” Camel; Man’s Leg Broken in Traffic Accident; Bold Robbery Occurs: Iuka Has First Such Daylight Crime; Coles Mill Men Registered for Military Service, 1917; List of Confederate Soldiers that Turned to the Union Cause; Summers at the Eastside Superette; Monies for Byram Family, 1903; Gallant Civil War Soldiers Fell at Iuka; 1862 Civil War Letter to Mother from Laurens; 1842 Summary of Assessment Roll for Tishomingo County; James W. Hiett Family History; Hiett Wagon Co. Daybook; Gunboats and Cavalry; Rosecrans Meets Price; How to Keep Cider Sweet; Hiett General Merchandise Store; Southern Claims; Old Files; Woodall Mountain Market; Director’s Corner; Brick Memorial Project; Woman Writes Letter to Son in the Army; Collection Centers Named; 1929 Belmont News; Re-Connect Long Distance Lines; Build Ice House; Buy Electric Gin; New Buildings Under Construction at Golden; Belmont School Sets Mark for County; 1923 News of Belmont; Charter of Incorporation—Tishomingo State Bank; Belmont Tidbits; Tishomingo-Styled Tourism; 1923 Classified Ads; Dennis in Earlier Days—Photo $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 16: Rep. John Allen Mills; Judge R. A. Hill; Henry Tyndall “Dick” Merrill; Charles & Delyla Byram; Byrams: Sharing Their History; Charles & Delyla Byram Collection; TCHGS Wins Walker Wish; 1917 Motorcycle Gang; McDonald Home; Confederate Soldiers: Martin Cook and James Minter Riddle; Civil War Ancestry; Iuka’s Civil War History; September 19, 1862: Battle of Iuka; Burnsville’s African-American One-Room Schoolhouse; Things You May Never Need to Know: (1) How to Keep Ice, (2) How to Spark, and (3) How to Exercise; Civil War Letter; Map of 1894—Original Four Counties of Northeast Mississippi; “Rebel” Camel; Gen. Little’s G-G-G-G-Nephew Visits Tishomingo County; New Directors: Sheila Thorne and Jody Dawson; Did You Know; Burnsville Colored School—Update; Mississippi’s 1st Mammogram; Rev. Peter Alexander, Sr.; Dunrobin; History of the Brinkley Family; Burnsville One-Rom Colored School: Before and After; Grand Opening Celebration of One-Room Schoolhouse; J. C. Lambert, Sr., Remembers Early Burnsville; Lucille Jowers Contributes to History from her Home; Inebriate Soon Sized Up Situation and Lent a Hand; How About These 4 Sons; Joe Keenan’s Back; Cutshall Funeral Home Records, 1929; Stop Light in Iuka $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 17: John Marshall Stone’s Letters; Insolvencies of 1904; Confederate Soldiers’ Graves; Old Tishomingo County; Insolvencies, 1905; O. A. Wright Barber Shop; Chancery Court 1445—Adoption of Biddie Carlton, Rosa Grammer, and Little May Grammer, Minors; Photo—Unknown Group of First Graders in Tishomingo County; Sands Café; Tishomingo Concrete Gravel Company; Vital Records of Holcut; Miss.; Registration District No. 9516;Mass Grave at Shady Grove: Confederates Killed in Action at Battle of Iuka; Confederate Soldiers’ Graves; Confederate Memorial; Photos of Iuka’s 150th; Ederge Cemetery; Museum Audio Tour; Historic Iuka Audio Tour; Poems by Patsy Clark Pace: Distant Kin and Tishomingo Hills $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 18: Town of Burnsville is Totally Destroyed by Fire; Burnsville News Column from The Belmont Times; The Burnsville News Badger, December 13, 1894; Burnsville Historic Postcard; Burnsville News, The Iuka Vidette (Iuka), January 20, 1910; Burnsville—a Short History; Red Sulphur Springs; Correction on Holcut Births; Postcard Collection of Ruby Lee Wimbish; Remembering Farlar Belue; War of 1812—Preserve the Pensions; Why Land Records Are Importation: Sectional Maps; Sectional Maps of Townships; Land Forfeitures 1893, 1894, 1898 and 1901; Do You Recognize This Young Man; Biggest Tale Teller in Tishomingo County; Letter from Lizzie at I.N.I.; I.N.I. Closes; New Sign for Tishomingo County Courthouse Museum; Civil War Letter Returns to Tishomingo County; Confederate Soldiers’ Graves; The Cosmic Gale, 1888; Vital Records; Some Specific Vital Records; Events & Other Goings On—Pvt. Dewey Lee McDuffy; Ancient Indian Pottery; Warranty Book 1; Kimberly Bros. Building Destroyed by Fire $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 19: Alexander Legacy in Tishomingo County; African American Research; Midwife Records of Sarah J. Byram; Mrs. Patsy Pace Dies; Museum’s Funding Sources Gone Dry—New Hours Announced; John L. Webb—Court—No. 198; Flag Memorizing M. G. Pitts, World War I Veteran, Flown at the County Museum; A Little History of TCHGS; Burnsville Gets Second Museum; Vidette article on the Rushing Dairy; Soldier’s Skeleton Found; Early Marriages—Surnames A-Ball, Typical Civil War Meal; Civil War’s Table Fare; Early Marriages, Banister-Belin; Corn Beer—a Good Drink. $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 20: Bill Gurley Elected New Chairman of Board; Message from Executive Director; TCHGS Becomes THF; Will of Turner Bynum; Bequest to Mahala Carpenter; Will of Reuben Ellis; Will of William H. Green; Will of George Gresham; Will of George Harvey; Will of Francis Marion Kay; Will of John Q. Lewis; Will of Micajah Lindsey; Will of Samuel Long; Will of Milton Love; Will of Samuel McCoy; Will of Robert W. Paden; Will of James I. Ross; Will of Victoria Tacker; Will of Samuel White; First Methodist Missionary in Mississippi; Early Marriages: Bell–Bonds; Businesses in Iuka during 1940s: T. L. Brown & Co.; W. S. Brown; G. T. Carmichael & Son; G. W. Cutshall & Son; W. O. Cutshall; W. N. Deaton Service Station; Edmondson’s Grocery & Market; Gritz; Hotel Hundley; Hughes Ice Co.; Iuka Motor Co.; McGill’s Grocery; Phillips & Yates; Wills & Bequests: Samuel F. Beall; Cleopatra Blythe; J. G. Boothe; Mahala Carpenter; John Floyd; William Forbes; F. G. Fowler; Samuel J. Johnson; George W. Marlar; Sr.; EarlyMarriages; Surnames—Blount (J. A.) to Brown (C. T.); Didn’t Want to Be Wed But Is (Wynn and Rea); Wills & Bequests; Slave Family Emancipated; Obits of Former Tishomingo Countians—Black, Bolton, McDaniel, Watson, Tishomingo County in the News—Amber; Ammunition Car Burned; Brinkley; Church Bell Wanted; Double Murder; Early Marriages; Surnames—Brown, Carl to Burges, Frank; Ex-Governor Stone Dead; 1911 Court Records: MS vs. Oscar Rogers; MS vs. J. M. Wilson; 1911 Cases Disposed of by A. T. Scruggs, Justice of the Peace; 1911 Cases Pending by L. M. Gross, Mayor and Ex-Officio Justice of the Peace; 1911 Grand Jury Report; D. L. Anderson, Justice of the Peace; Early Marriages—Burgess to Byrum Surnames; Patsy Clark in the News $5 plus $5 shipping


Volume 21: Update on Burnsville Colored School; Family of Slaves Emancipated; William Hines, a Freedman; Spotlights on Well-Known African Americans—Mose Duncan Mitchell, Clara Hines McCusky, Rev. Peter Alexander, Frank R., Sr., and Ethel Jimmar, Sam William Ford, Eva Mitchell Ford, John Jordan “Notch” Ford, and Oscar Rodgers / Rogers; Slavery in Tishomingo County; 1920s Photograph of Charles Long Family of Tishomingo; Online African American Genealogy Resources; Carter’s Branch School Athletes, 1950s; Early Marriages—C Surnames (Cabbey to Clark); Burnsville’s Culture Heritage Program [Note: Vol. 21 of 2016 remains in progress] $5 plus $5 shipping


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